Georgetown tx landscape maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

We Service Williamson & Travis Counties

Beauty, utility or investment?

Whatever your priorities may be for your Commercial, Industrial and  Residential property, Sendero Land Services can be an active partner in  achieving them. Your property is a large, living investment. Properly  managed, it contributes to the value, beauty and usefulness of your  property. Our programs balance the various needs of your landscape to  deliver award-winning results. Under our professional care, your  property’s value will increase with each passing year.


We deliver creative and cost-efficient solutions to your every need.

And we maintain the staff and equipment to keep your project moving and on schedule, no matter the weather may be.


From weekly maintenance to complete landscape renovations, you’ll  discover that Sendero executes every task neatly, efficiently and with a  minimum of disruption to you, your clients or your property.


Commercial, Industry and Residential Clean-up and Maintenance Services:

Property Clean-up:


  • Removal of weeds, leaves, annuals and debris

  • Cultivation and edging of bedding areas

  • Trimming and pruning trees and shrubs



Year Round Property Maintenance:


  • Scheduled Mowing, Edging and Trimming Services

  • Annual Lawn Fertilization and Pest Management

  • Tree and Shrub Pest Control Fertilization Program

  • Horticultural Pruning to trees and shrubs

  • Planting of Annuals

  • Bed Maintenance, Mulching and Weed Control

  • Sprinkler Repair



The Difference is Growing

Sendero is a different kind of Landscape Company. We know you expect  dependable and trouble-free results all season long. Sendero has several  annual programs to choose from and will keep you covered through every  season of year.


Regular inspections of your property are an important part of every  Sendero full-service package and help us keep you informed of any  special needs that may arise. Should you have a concern of any kind, we  listen closely and respond fast, to assure your complete satisfaction.


With Sendero, you’ll have an active and interested partner in grounds  management. Our goal is to save you time, frustration, and money.  Working together, we can successfully improve your landscape, your  schedule and your bottom line.

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