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Patio Misting

We Service Williamson & Travis Counties

Your Georgetown Patio Misting Experts!

Enjoy your patio all summer long with a Sendero patio misting system. Outdoor misting systems work by pressurizing water and forcing it through small opening in a specially designed mist nozzle to create fine water droplets. As the mist evaporates, it produces a cooling affect up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


A properly installed mist system creates a curtain of mist around open-air sides of your patio or gazebo. Stay cool as you entertain your friends and family in your outdoor areas.

Sendero offers a complete range of high-pressure misting accessories for creating effects in various applications, both commercial and residential. Choose from an installed patio misting system,  or misting fans designed to make your backyard comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Give us a call, we can help walk you through all your patio misting options and help you pick the right solution for your landscape.

Interested in Patio Misting for Your Backyard?

We install custom patio misting systems, including high-pressure misting systems, misting fans, and more like the ones below. Contact us for your custom misting system quote

patio misting systems georgetown tx
patio misting systems georgetown tx
patio misting systems georgetown tx
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