Georgetown tx irrigation system and sprinklers

Irrigation Services

We Service Williamson & Travis Counties

Sendero Land Services offers licensed irrigation specialists ready to design and build an efficient and quality sprinkler system possible.  By providing our clients with a properly installed irrigation system backed by a warranty, we allow you to protect and maintain your landscaping investment.


After meeting with you and viewing your property, we will design an irrigation system based on your expectations and the individual needs of your landscape. From designing customized systems to  repairs, renovations and maintenance, Sendero is your full-service licensed Georgetown TX irrigation company.


Sendero specializes in sprinkler installation as well as sprinkler repair and maintenance. We install complete sprinkler system varying from a single residence to large commercial sites.


We know how to maximize the potential of your landscape and save you  on costly water bills. We can customize a sprinkler system to your  property’s needs.


We can do automatic sprinkler systems that make watering easier to keep up with. We also design and install drip sprinkler systems for flower beds. Once programmed, your new sprinkler system will handle all of your watering needs.

Services Provided: LI# 5409

  • Backflow inspections

  • Repair / Service

  • Design

  • Installation

  • Water Audits

  • Upgrades

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