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georgetown tx lawn mowing

Residential Maintenance

We Service Williamson & Travis Counties

Here in Texas it’s hard to keep up with the ever changing weather and  constant up keep of your landscape needs. Let us help you maintain a  beautiful manicure lawn area.


Our highly skilled professional team will not just mow the lawn but  also pick up and remove from premises prior to mowing. They will mow,  edge, and/or cut with weed eater. All sidewalks will be kept free of any  grasses growing thru cracks by use of herbicides and manual weeding.  And all hard surfaces to be blown, swept, or raked clean of any grass or  dirt. Also they will spot treat any ant mounds that may pop up in the  landscape.


If while our team is at your property they see a potential need or  concern it will be reported to the office and we will contact you with a  resolution for the matter and discuss any concerns you may have. We are  not here just to mow your lawn. But help you maintain a beautiful  landscape. It adds not only a visual benefit but can also help increase  the value of your home.


In the Spring and Fall we will send out a recommendation for additional  services that could help and benefit your landscape and turf areas.  Listed below are the services and benefits of the services we can  provide.


Aerating: Aerating your turf area allows the soil to breathe and allows for better absorption of treatments of the turf area.


Pre-Emergent: Pre-Emergent is effective for the control of future weed growth. It will help combat the growth of new and future weeds.


Fertilizer: Adding fertilizer to your turf area, trees,  shrubs, and flower beds guarantees a stronger and more beautiful  landscape. It helps stimulate root growth and provide constant feeding.


Ant killer: We treat for ants when maintaining your landscape  areas throughout the year. We also like to use a long term residual ant  killer during the fall and spring to help keep them from entering the  landscape areas to start with.


Composting: By composting you’re helping to build up your turf  areas. Composting helps by introducing beneficial microbes back into  the soil to help maintain good soil PH and promotes root growth of your  turf.


Mulching: Adding mulch to your flower beds and tree wells will  help to maintain moisture during the hot dry summer months and protect  the roots of your shrubs and trees from freezing during the winter.


Fall Over Seeding: By over seeding with annual Rye Grass it  allows protection and beauty during the winter months. Having a green  lawn is not only attractive during the winter but provides protection  during extreme drought and cold conditions and the clippings from the  rye grass put essential nitrogen back into the soil that will help with  future turf growth.

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